Monthly Contract

Computer Support Services BerkshireA monthly contract provides you with a fixed price for all your general IT Support needs. Many IT companies offer these, but you need to understand what is included in each, as out of contract work can be expensive. At CrackingIT our contract covers more than the normal.

With our monthly contract the following services are included.

  • Unlimited help desk calls
  • Remote fix of problems where possible.
  • Monitoring of your servers – looking for issues before they become a problem
  • Anti Virus – we provide the software and remotely manage it.
  • Backup of your server – data is charged at 40p per GB
  • Management of your router and firewall
  • Fix viruses
  • Resolve email issues
  • Upgrades to your applications such as Sage etc.
  • Quarterly on site account review

On site work and the provision of new equipment is charged on a time and material basis, but this is discounted from our usual hourly rate.

Should you have any questions or want a quote please feel free to call us.

Pay As You Go

For smaller businesses who need ad-hoc support our pay as you go service is perfect. You are billed in 15 minute blocks, with a discount when a job takes an hour. The quality of service is the same as a monthly contract, you are just not committed to a monthly fee.

Monthly Contract

We have monthly contracts available for customers with more than five computers. This is suitable for people who want an unlimited amount of support rather than on a pay as you go basis. For details see our monthly contract page

Why CrackingIT?

  • No annual support contract
  • Pay As You Go
  • We speak your language not computer speak
  • We maintain customers by exceptional service
  • Our customers recommend us