17 Oct 2014
October 17, 2014

How long should my computer last?

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In terms of your budget, how long does a computer last? Budget for 3.5 years, you should be about right or just under. In the real world, how long is a piece of string? Firstly why do people replace their computers? They want a new one Its running too slow The operating system is no.. read more →

11 Oct 2014
October 11, 2014

Desktop or Laptop?

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A question we are asked a number of time, should I get a laptop or a desktop. Personally I prefer a desktop, a nice screen, comfortable keyboard, its a pleasure to work, but its not portable so I have to use a laptop! It really depends on your working environment. The price difference between a.. read more →

So you think your broadband is rubbish, as you cannot stream films or it seems to stall. Most of the time this is your WiFi. Here is how to find the problem. Connect your computer via a cable to the router and turn the WiFi off. Why? Well we need to ensure their is no.. read more →

23 Aug 2014
August 23, 2014

WiFi 2.4GHz or 5GHz

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Whilst providing computer support in Maidenhead in an office with poor WiFi reception we were asked the question would a 5GHz wifi solve this problem, so we thought it would be worth explaining. The 2.4GHz WiFi can become congested by: 1. Other WiFi spots, your neighbours or if you are running multiple WiFi access points… read more →

Many of our customers seem to find the process of transferring a call a little challenging. There are two ways. The first is a blind transfer where you transfer the call and when the other person answers the person you have transferred is already there. This is very simple, just press TRANSFER, dial the extension.. read more →