21 Oct 2013
October 21, 2013

What’s this blog about ?

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Let’s be honest a blog is about acquiring more customers, and to do that we need to build a relationship with you by delivering valuable information. There will be no sales pitch in our blog, just: Hints and tips about making computing easier for you Explanation of technical terms in pure English Money saving hints.. read more →

01 Aug 2013
August 1, 2013

How is it going ?

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Well a few months after making the decision to grow the business, we have acquired more loyal customers, and are in discussion with others. I am now more sure than ever that the premise on which the business was started is correct. During our first few months we have Moved a number of customers to.. read more →

12 Jul 2013
July 12, 2013

Laptop Computer Overheating?

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Quite topical with the hot weather we are having in Berkshire, but have you notice the fan running on your laptop or computer all the time? Is it noisier or running hotter than when you purchased the computer? It probably is. Your computer needs to pull air through itself to stop overheating. As it pulls.. read more →

Many people complain that their internet is slow, but is it really? Most people are connecting to their internet via WiFi and this can cause a number of problems. The simple way to find out is 1. Take your laptop and connect it via a cable to your router and then run a speed test… read more →

As many people including my customers struggle with the new format of Windows 8, Microsoft have announced that they are bringing the start button back. It is not going to have all the functions that the old Windows 7 button had, but at least users will no longer struggle to find their applications. In addition.. read more →