Its a question we get asked time and time again when providing IT services for small business’s in the Berkshire area. If you want to be really secure, disconnect your office from the internet and turn your wifi off. Its not very practical as you need emails to run your business, so there is always.. read more →

26 Feb 2013
February 26, 2013

Email security in public areas

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When you connect to a free wifi spot your signals are being broadcast for anyone to see within the range of the spot. In order to operate securely in this environment you need to ensure your email is encrypted. If it isn’t encrypted then the first thing that happens is your username and password are.. read more →

Whats different about this IT services company? Well I have a number of friends who run their own business’s and they were having IT problems, not on a weekly basis but every 2-5 months. Other companies would help but wanted them to sign up to a support agreement with a monthly retainer, too costly for.. read more →