08 Nov 2015
November 8, 2015

Creating a secure password

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Secure passwords require random characters and numbers. Name and words are not great passwords, so your football team followed by a couple of numbers is not great. The problem is we need a password with random characters and numbers that is easy to remember. I shall tell you how to do this.

Firstly you need to think of some personal facts about yourself. In our example below John has some personal facts. He clearly has more personal information and you can use anything such as pets names, ex partners, favourite restaurant, holiday resort etc etc

His children are called Steve any Mary. Steves mobile number is 07273 768732.

His first car registration was W535KDM

Using this information we can create a secure password by writing the information down on a piece of paper. We take the name of his children in the order they were born, the 4 numbers of Steve’s mobile, and the last 3 digits of his first cars registration, and as it was always breaking down we shall use the ! symbol for frustration.

S M 0 7 2 7 3 ! k d m 
t a
e r
v y

So John’s password is SM07273!kdm, which he remembers as children, Steves mobile, frustrating old car.

This works with any set of words, you just write them down the page.

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