11 Oct 2014
October 11, 2014

Desktop or Laptop?

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A question we are asked a number of time, should I get a laptop or a desktop. Personally I prefer a desktop, a nice screen, comfortable keyboard, its a pleasure to work, but its not portable so I have to use a laptop!

It really depends on your working environment. The price difference between a laptop and a desktop is not that different. So the advantages of a desktop are

  • Generally more comfortable to use, a good monitor and keyboard is a good experience.
  • We all have coffee on our desks as do our staff. If coffee goes in your keyboard its £30. If it goes in your laptop it might be a new computer.
  • They are easier to repair, components can be changed.
  • If your business has a public area like a reception, a laptop is easy to steal
A small form desktop for computer support Windsor Maidenhead and Slough

A small form computer with big computer power, 1/3 the size of a traditional desktop giving you more space in your office

Some people complain a desktop takes up too much space. Well there are alternatives. Firstly you can get a very small low power computer. We wouldn’t recommend it, traveling around the Windsor and Maidenhead area providing computer support, we see a number of unhappy people as they have a beautifully small computer, but it is a slow as a dog. The alternative is a a computer a third of the size of a traditional desktop yet it has a real processor, lots of memory and is just as good as a real desktop.


Here is a sample of one. It can sit on the desk behind a monitor or under the desk. If you want to keep your floor space clear, then thinking outside of the box, get a carpenter in to build a small shelf for the unit at the back of the desk, we can effectively make the base station nearly invisible. Now if you need to put a DVD in its a little less convenient, but how often do you do that.

We can build computers like this for you, with i3, i5 or i7 processors, with up to 8gb memory, more than enough for most business needs.

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