So you think your broadband is rubbish, as you cannot stream films or it seems to stall. Most of the time this is your WiFi. Here is how to find the problem.

Connect your computer via a cable to the router and turn the WiFi off. Why? Well we need to ensure their is no WiFi interference and check your broadband connection. Go to and run the test. It will return your download speed, anything above 3Mbps is good for films, but more importantly it will have drawn a download graph, which should be fairly flat. If it isn’t then your broadband is faulty contact your provider.

Now to test your WiFi, disconnect the cable, move to where you have the problem and turn your WiFi back on. Run the same test. If the speed is significantly lower or the graph goes up and down its your WiFi causing the issue.

Try changing the channel on your router, channels 1, 7 and 11 are the ones to use, and rerun the test. A flat graph is problem solved.

If this fails you need another WiFi point or you could try moving the one you have.

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