01 Aug 2013
August 1, 2013

How is it going ?

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Well a few months after making the decision to grow the business, we have acquired more loyal customers, and are in discussion with others. I am now more sure than ever that the premise on which the business was started is correct. During our first few months we have

  • Moved a number of customers to Office 365 providing them with a cost effective solution for email and document management
  • Talked a couple of customers out of buying servers, it wasn’t right for them. The solution we provided did exactly what they wanted without the costs
  • Installed servers for some customers who needed the centralised infrastructure. Those servers are now running 24×7 delivering the service the customer wanted
  • Rebuilt a customers system installing a server, so it actually does what they needed. We did this without disturbing their day to day business. In the morning it was slow and kept crashing. In the afternoon life was perfect.

Overall we are enjoying seeing customers becoming relaxed with their computers, focussing on their business and not struggling with their computers.

We feel the stress levels in Windsor and Berkshire reduce.

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