17 Oct 2014
October 17, 2014

How long should my computer last?

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In terms of your budget, how long does a computer last? Budget for 3.5 years, you should be about right or just under.

In the real world, how long is a piece of string? Firstly why do people replace their computers?

  • They want a new one
  • Its running too slow
  • The operating system is no longer supported and they need to run a program on it
  • It has broke

The bottom line is your computer should last 3 – 5 years, but in our opinion you should keep it going till you want to beat it with a hammer (its too slow) or it breaks. A computer is an asset of the business, the longer you keep it going, the more money you save. Whilst providing computer support for our customers we look at the following before working on a computer.

  • Before this fault developed was the computer powerful enough for the job the customer is asking it to do?
  • How long and how much will it cost to repair?

If you have a 5 year old computer, it runs really slow, and has now developed a software or hardware fault, it would probably be worth replacing. If its a couple of years old then lets fix it, it will be cheaper and quicker. But to make life more difficult we have to manage customer expectations. Will a new powerful computer, provide a benefit and return to the business? To help us we think of the cost of your computer as our own money, what would we do? From that we can give an honest answer.

What can we do to extend a computer life?

Believe it or not, hoover it out. Your computer spends all day sucking air into itself to keep cool, and with this comes dust. This dust blocks the heat sinks and fans meaning your computer runs hotter. Once a year give it a clean.

The next thing do to doesn’t increase its life, it reduces the cost. Stop your staff installing toolbars and games. These contain advertising, and when you get enough on your machine it grinds to a halt resulting in a call to us. Proper management resolves this issue.

Finally, avoid drinking coffee near your laptop, or get an additional keyboard. Its strange, we rarely get told, “oh I split coffee in my laptop whilst at a meeting” … its always in the office at their desk! If you have a normal keyboard attached to your laptop, firstly it is more comfortable, and secondly when the inevitable cup of coffee (or worse soft sugary drink) it will only cost you £30!

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