Business Services

Business Services In WindsorAs a small to medium business you want the support of full time IT staff without the cost. We don’t just roll in and out of your business – we only do things that add value. To add value we have to get to know you and we do this at our own cost.

We can become your IT department, or if you have an individual who knows something about computers we can support them to deliver your IT solution.

  • Ensuring your IT is fit for purpose and not over complex
  • Planning for disaster, backup and recovery and future expansion
  • Managing your email service
  • Ensuring you know what technology can help you
  • Liaising with other suppliers to deliver your solution
  • Remote access for the sales and service teams
  • Sales force automation configuration
  • Collaboration tools for your team
  • Telephone support when people get stuck

All our calls are logged into our database allowing us to see if any patterns are occurring, so we can resolve any underlying issues which are causing the calls.  The contents of our database are available to you so you can determine the value of the service you are receiving.

What we really aspire to become is your trusted advisor, the person who knows where you are going and knows what you need from computing.

You can take this service on a pay as you go basis, with no monthly fees, you just pay for what you consume. Or you can take the service on a monthly basis, with unlimited telephone support allowing you to predict your monthly spend.

Pay As You Go

For smaller businesses who need ad-hoc support our pay as you go service is perfect. You are billed in 15 minute blocks, with a discount when a job takes an hour. The quality of service is the same as a monthly contract, you are just not committed to a monthly fee.

Monthly Contract

We have monthly contracts available for customers with more than five computers. This is suitable for people who want an unlimited amount of support rather than on a pay as you go basis. For details see our monthly contract page

Why CrackingIT?

  • No annual support contract
  • Pay As You Go
  • We speak your language not computer speak
  • We maintain customers by exceptional service
  • Our customers recommend us