Computer Disaster

Your computer seems to be broken, all your files are on it (Sage, Quotes, Invoices, family pictures) and you don’t have a backup. Its a familiar story and we have lots of success helping people in this situation.

As we cannot access your computer remotely we can come to your premises and work on your computer there. Our first priority will be to secure your data, and the second will be to repair your computer. If you want we can then recommend a backup strategy!

Your computer may have experienced a hardware failure or a virus. In either case our recommendation would be to switch it off till we arrive. There are many components in a computer, and the most important one at the moment is your disk drive. Although we can’t promise your data is safe, more often than not it is recoverable.

Don’t panic and give us a call on 01753 290821.

Its all part of providing you computer support in Berkshire.

Pay As You Go

For smaller businesses who need ad-hoc support our pay as you go service is perfect. You are billed in 15 minute blocks, with a discount when a job takes an hour. The quality of service is the same as a monthly contract, you are just not committed to a monthly fee.

Monthly Contract

We have monthly contracts available for customers with more than five computers. This is suitable for people who want an unlimited amount of support rather than on a pay as you go basis. For details see our monthly contract page

Why CrackingIT?

  • No annual support contract
  • Pay As You Go
  • We speak your language not computer speak
  • We maintain customers by exceptional service
  • Our customers recommend us