Pay As You Go

Rather than pay a fixed monthly price, you can pay for IT Support as you consume it. It’s a really cost effective way to ensure your computers deliver what you need without the commitment of a contract. Some people prefer to start IT support on a pay as you go basis to see how the supplier performs. We don’t mind which way you want to consume our services we will still over you the same high quality support.

Free Monitoring

Our Pay As You Go service, can be as simple as we just fix a problem and leave if you want. However many of our customers want more, and we provide this with free server monitoring. We place a small program on your server that monitors its behaviour, and if something goes wrong it sends us a message. Servers are always sending messages, but we interpret that message to see if something needs to be done. If so we contact you, let you know what the problem is and ask if you want us to fix it.

Complete Peace Of Mind

Having an IT company on standby without the monthly cost, ensures your business can operate securely in the knowledge that if something does go wrong help is at hand. What’s more you can actually save money. We see so many people who have over bought IT products as they don’t know how to put it all together. Buying what you need is actually cheaper than getting it wrong.



Pay As You Go

For smaller businesses who need ad-hoc support our pay as you go service is perfect. You are billed in 15 minute blocks, with a discount when a job takes an hour. The quality of service is the same as a monthly contract, you are just not committed to a monthly fee.

Monthly Contract

We have monthly contracts available for customers with more than five computers. This is suitable for people who want an unlimited amount of support rather than on a pay as you go basis. For details see our monthly contract page

Why CrackingIT?

  • No annual support contract
  • Pay As You Go
  • We speak your language not computer speak
  • We maintain customers by exceptional service
  • Our customers recommend us