Telephony Services

No matter what size your business, a telephone system improves productivity and makes it easier for your customers to contact you.

We can offer a telephone system that runs in the cloud. It offers:

  • Voicemail to email
  • Transfer calls between your team
  • Your team can be in multiple locations
  • Hunt groups
  • Call recording
  • Call routing – press 1 for sales 2 for support
  • Conference calls
  • Ring your mobile as well as your desk phone
  • An app for your mobile phone
  • Presence lights which show who is on the phone

This system uses VoIP which means your phone call is sent via your broadband connection. The call quality is the same if not better than a land line, but your flexibility increases as your costs are reduced. As your business changes you can easily add additional phone or remove phones.

The mobile app allows you to make calls over WiFi as if you are in the office, it turns your mobile phone into your desk phone anywhere in the world. When you call someone your caller ID is actually the same as if you call from your desk.

Added to this our low call costs of 1p per minute to landlines and 3p per minute to mobiles most of our customers save money whilst improving their efficiency.

Pay As You Go

For smaller businesses who need ad-hoc support our pay as you go service is perfect. You are billed in 15 minute blocks, with a discount when a job takes an hour. The quality of service is the same as a monthly contract, you are just not committed to a monthly fee.

Monthly Contract

We have monthly contracts available for customers with more than five computers. This is suitable for people who want an unlimited amount of support rather than on a pay as you go basis. For details see our monthly contract page

Why CrackingIT?

  • No annual support contract
  • Pay As You Go
  • We speak your language not computer speak
  • We maintain customers by exceptional service
  • Our customers recommend us