23 Aug 2014
August 23, 2014

WiFi 2.4GHz or 5GHz

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Whilst providing computer support in Maidenhead in an office with poor WiFi reception we were asked the question would a 5GHz wifi solve this problem, so we thought it would be worth explaining.

The 2.4GHz WiFi can become congested by:

1. Other WiFi spots, your neighbours or if you are running multiple WiFi access points. On the 2.4GHz frequency there are only 3 channels that you can really use to avoid bleed over from another WiFi spot. The 5GHz frequency has many more channels so this problem can go away.

2. Heavy traffic, films being downloaded or viewed, large file movements. The 5GHz band has more bandwidth so it would really help in this situation.

3. Interference from other equipment. Whilst 5GHz is not immune to interference, it is in a completely different frequency so using 5GHz will probably  resolve this problem.

Sound good? Before you go an upgrade to 5GHz in our experience we have discovered that it seems to have about half the range of the 2.4GHz, so if your signal is marginal its not going to help. If this is the case you need to get some more Access Points in, and we would recommend Draytek as they produce a good strong signal.

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